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Quotes are delayed, as of June 24, 2024, 01:23:42 PM CDT or prior.

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Wheat Extending Slide on Monday
The wheat complex is trading the Monday session with losses, as bears continue to take control. Chicago contracts are leading the way, with losses of 6 to 10 cents so far, as they approach the early spring lows. Kansas City futures are trading 3 to 4 cents lower across the...
Cotton Rallying to Begin Week
Cotton prices are up triple digits on Monday, with midday gains od 144 to 146 in the front months. Today is First Notice Day (FND) for deliveries against July contract futures, which means no limits, as the contract is up 320 points. Outside factors are supportive today, with crude oil...
Soybeans Pushing Higher at Midday
Soybean bulls are trying to push things higher on Monday, with contracts up 5 to 17 cents, led by the nearbys on a little bull spreading. Soymeal futures are up $9.50/ton in the July contract. Soy Oil futures are back down 46 points. Heavy rains brought up to 10-15 inches...
Cattle Shrugging Off Large Placement Number
Live cattle futures are showing some gains in the front months of $1.05 to $1.15 as cash leads the way. October and other deferred contracts are being pressured by the larger placements, down 22 cents. Cash trade was slow to develop last week, as late sales rolled in a $189-191...
Corn Feeling Pressure from Wet Forecast
Corn futures are trading with 3 to 5 cent midday losses so far on Monday, though some contracts are pulling off the morning lows. The market is shrugging off the flooding in parts of the Western Corn Belt from this weekend, as the forecast shifts wetter for much of the...
Hogs Falling at Monday’s Midday
Lean hog futures are posting another round of losses on Monday, with midday losses of $1.35 to $1.80. The USDA National Base Hog price reported at $86.47 on Monday morning, up a penny from the previous day. The CME Lean Hog Index was down another 23 cents at $90.32 on...

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