Soybean (ZSN22) is hesitating to start the week, and appears ready to consolidate the strong gains over the past 2 weeks.  Nevertheless, with the ascending triangle (on the weekly chart) in its advanced stages, any break to a fresh 2022 high will dramatically increase the likelihood of a retest of the 2012 record high in the week after.  (full story)

A short straddle is an advanced options strategy used when a trader is seeking to profit from an underlying stock trading in a narrow range. To execute the strategy, a trader would sell a call and a put with the following conditions: (full story)

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Are you using Fibonacci retracements in your analysis, if not, why not? (full story)

Wisconsin’s 75th Alice in Dairyland is Taylor Schaefer.  Schaefer was selected Saturday during the Alice in Dairyland Finals hosted by Dane County in Madison.  Schaefer tells Brownfield while growing up on a Racine county farm and showing... (full story)

These 4 stocks have stable dividends, consistent payouts, and low valuations along with earnings growth. That makes them ideal for conservative value investors. (full story)

The world is facing a surge in food prices while some countries will encounter a shortage of food and even a hunger, according to UN officials. This is the consequence of the war in Ukraine, which has already lasted three months. READ MORE:... (full story)

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With recession fears spiking following a rough series of trades in the equities sector, investors may need to prepare for an unwinding of the post-COVID boom. (full story)

Support zone approaches between 1135 and 1071. (full story)


Spot quotations averaged 358 points higher than the previous week, according to the USDA, Agricultural Marketing Service’s Cotton and Tobacco Program. Quotations for the base quality of cotton (color 41, […] (full story)

We are finally caught up with planting in Arkansas—a welcome sign to all farmers, processors, and industry members. Despite the return to normal after poor weather that severely delayed planting, it […] (full story)

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture’s annual Most Crop Per Drop irrigation yield contest is now open to Arkansas rice, soybean and corn producers, and for the first […] (full story)

Wall Street Journal writers William Mauldin and Vivian Salama reported in today’s paper that, “Russia dismissed calls from top United Nations and Western officials to halt a Black Sea blockade that has prevented Ukraine from exporting much […] (full story)

In a recent farmdoc daily article, corn planting date results from agronomic field trials in Illinois were compared to state-level estimates of late planting impacts.  The field trials indicated that the […] (full story)

A large swath of central Minnesota saw 4 to 7 inches of rain between May 7-14, with some locations reporting over 8 inches. This resulted in heavily flooded fields with […] (full story)

Temperatures across Georgia have increased dramatically this week following a cool spring. The thermometer has climbed above 90 every day this week and the forecast is for 96 degrees today(5/19). […] (full story)

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Coffee prices rose to the highest level since 2011, when the price traded to $2.6045 per pound in February 2022. Since then, the price has corrected but has held above the $2 per pound level. Coffee is a highly volatile soft commodity that is consolidating and digesting its price rise over the past years and could be heading for even higher levels. (full story)

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Kansas wheat tour and Cattle-on-Feed (full story)

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This article provides an analysis of the S&P500 futures market based on the weekly market profile and recent price developments. (full story)

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On top of a cold, wet start to the season, recent rains have led to further planting delays across SW MN and other areas of the state. If conditions are […] (full story)

Last week’s heavy rains have caused widespread crusting problems.  Dr. David Franzen, NDSU Extension Soil Scientist, summarized the options available to you in an article more than a decade ago.  […] (full story)

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WASHINGTON, DC 20-MAY-2022 WA_FV102 ... (full story)

WASHINGTON, DC 20-MAY-2022 WA_FV101 ... (full story)

Proper nutrient management is a key component of profitable corn and soybean operations. With new data come new fertilizer guidelines for corn and soybean. These guidelines reflect recent research findings […] (full story)

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We’re seeing different issues on young and newly planted trees we want to share. These issues relate to insect damage and nutritional problems. It is common to see many of […] (full story)

YAKIMA Shipping Point Prices as of 20-MAY-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News Service, USDA. Phone: (602) 514-7210 Fax: (602) Any questions or comments can be sent via email to:... (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 20-MAY-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

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Should you increase your seeding rates of spring wheat as seeding is delayed yet again?  The short answer is ‘Yes, you probably should. There are two approaches to determining how […] (full story)

Very little if any spring wheat has been seeded up until now.  This will be a very late seeded crop and that begs the question of whether you should switch […] (full story)

Many of the soybean acres in Michigan are planted in 15-inch rows using split-row planters. These planters are significantly more expensive than planters of comparable width set up for 30-inch […] (full story)

Wet weather impacts timely herbicide applications, so what options are available if the corn has already emerged? (full story)

Wheat across southern PA is heading now, while risk for scab infection is currently decreasing with humidity. Be sure to keep an eye on the FHB Risk Assessment Tool as […] (full story)

YAKIMA Shipping Point Prices as of 20-MAY-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 25.5 cents per pound for the week ending May 14, unchanged from the previous week. Marketings of all farmer […] (full story)

Ryegrass has moved from being an aggravation 10 years ago to a significant weed issue in our row crops.  In wheat at this point, the yield loss caused by the […] (full story)